About Us


Prepare the workforce of the future,  by imparting technology-based holistic education to students from all age-groups, geographies and social strata so that industry gets future-ready human resources, fully trained on industry relevant skills.


Aims to build engaging learning experiences, improved learning outcomes and ultimately better skills and employability for learners. Impart technology focused industry relevant skills to learners so they gain valuable skills and the industry gets highly skilled resources.

Claraeon Learning started with the mission to prepare the workforce of the future, by imparting technology – based holistic education to learners of all age groups across social strata and geographies, so that industry gets future-ready human resources , fully trained on industry relevant skills. The major focus areas include imparting technology focused holistic industry relevant skills to learners, providing operational and academic excellence solutions to schools to help them seamlessly manage operationally heavy processes and providing instructional excellence to instructors to accelerate their professional growth.

Why choose us


Helps meet the goals part of the SDG 4 by the UN, provide adequate training in market relevant skills to youth, and train youth in industry relevant skills across domains


Fast-tracks learner’s learning growth and curve, improves performance quality, promotes benefits of lifelong learning and helps set realistic career goals and pathway, builds foundation for future mentorship and adds recognition as top performer


Enhanced learning system replaces current books in institutions leading to improved learning outcomes and higher intake. All In One holistic & comprehensive platform for all the requirements of the institutions. Institutions get skilled resources.


Increases productivity, improves quality and efficiency. Improves skill development, cross training and accountability. Reduces absenteeism and employee turnover. Improves employee retention, job satisfaction and competitive advantage and ultimately profits.

Learning Process

Build your  practical skills and confidence with Xpertini’s extensive built-in activities, resources, and courses.